Category: Removed

A list of adult affiliate programs whose listings we have removed from the rest of the site in order to make those indices more concise lists of proven performers. While the original reviews and links to the programs will often remain intact, the reasons for the programs being otherwise removed will be prominently displayed for webmasters to factor into their decisions of whether or not to join. Programs that address and rectify the stipulated reasons will be re-listed without prejudice.


AdultBouncer Adult Affiliate Program

Reason(s) for removal: Non payment. Additional info: The AdultBouncer adult affiliate program is owned by the same folks as Vixeo. Until such time as payment for that programs outstanding balance is made, all affiliated programs will likewise be removed. Additionally,…


Vixeo Adult Affiliate Program

Reason(s) for removal: Non payment; Seeming low webmaster interest. Additional info: Although the Vixeo adult affiliate program lists payment by check as a payment option, checks stopped arriving in August 2011. Attempts to get paid the outstanding balance have been…