Not to be confused with ePayServices, ePayments is a relatively new e-wallet payment option offered by some sponsors for the benefit of their European affiliates. Those affiliates get the benefits of payment by direct deposit while keeping their business and personal accounts separate. For those affiliates looking to make more money promoting programs that pay by ePayments, here you will find a frequently updated list of the best quality adult affiliate programs offering ePayments payments.

To make things easy, this list of ePayments payment sponsors is ordered alphabetically with the adult affiliate program names on the left linking to our reviews so affiliates can learn more about each program, followed by links to go to the sponsor programs directly.

Program Review Payment Schedule ePayments Payment Minimum Sponsor Link
Serious Cash Adult Affiliate Program Biweekly $100 Join Serious Cash
Program Review Payment Schedule ePayments Payment Minimum Sponsor Link

About this List of ePayments Payment Sponsors

In case you missed it above, we would like to repeat that this list of ePayments sponsors is a continually updating work in progress. New programs are regularly added, whether they be programs whom we have already reviewed adding ePayments as a payment option, or newly reviewed programs that offer payments by ePayments.

Likewise, we will on occasion remove programs from this list in the effort to provide only the best money making adult affiliate programs that pay by ePayments. To that end, programs that appear to have no or diminished interest among affiliates will be removed. Obviously, programs that close will also be removed. Furthermore, programs that are confirmed to be engaging in fraudulent behavior that is against the best interest of their affiliates will likewise have their listings removed. For those interested, all such programs can be found in the removed category along with short explanations for their removal.

If you are looking for a list of ALL adult affiliate programs offering payment via ePayments, this isn’t it. We would suggest you visit one of those other sponsor lists that do not seem to mind if they refer you to a bad program or not. However, if you are an affiliate looking to save yourself some time and effort with a list of ONLY THE BEST PROGRAMS offering payments via ePayments – that have already been vetted for you – then you have come to the right place.