Category: Closed Programs

A list of programs whom we have reviewed that later closed entirely, or just their affiliate program. Although we have seen a couple of programs come back from this point, that is the exception and not the rule.


LokiCash Adult Affiliate Program

The LokiCash adult affiliate program tour domain has expired and is pending renewal or deletion. Without going into details, apparently Loki has had some hardships. As such, it seems unlikely the LokiCash domain will be renewed anytime soon – though…


AmateurPayouts Adult Affiliate Program

We regret to inform you that the Amateur Payouts affiliate program will officially close on May 31st, 2022. AmateurPayouts is the new name for the amateur girlfriend adult affiliate program formerly known as CrakCash. When we first reviewed the program…


n-timate Adult Affiliate Program

The n-timate program has either closed without notice, or is experiencing catastrophic failure, either way it’s not looking so good. N-timate is a relatively new adult affiliate program, currently with one site of the same name. That site’s focus is…


PanchoDog Adult Affiliate Program

The PanchoDog adult affiliate program has closed without notice. Much of the PanchoDog program’s content has been rolled into a single site and is available through another program by the same folks. While the PanchoDog adult affiliate program has high…


PeachezPays Adult Affiliate Program

The PeachezPays adult affiliate program has closed without notice. The site is now available through Model Centro. PeachezPays is a small adult affiliate program primarily showcasing the quality content of petite blonde babe Sarah Peachez. The best thing about this…