Reality Pickups

Most supposed reality sites have the same, or at least very similar, setups which are the reality pickups. The general idea is that you have a crew of guys, or sometimes girls, out on the street cruising for a hookup. Popular among surfers and an easy means to explain the unlikely string of successful pickups, there is no shortage of sponsors sites with reality pickups content. For those affiliates looking to make more money promoting the reality pickups niche, here you will find a frequently updated list of the best quality adult affiliate programs with reality pickups niche sites and content.

To make things easy, this list of reality pickups sponsors is ordered alphabetically by adult affiliate program with the thumbnail image on the left linking to our reviews of the respective programs so affiliates can learn more about them, followed by listings of their adult sites with reality pickups content, and lastly links to go to the sponsor programs directly.

Program Review List of Sponsors Sites With Reality Pickups Content Sponsor Link
CandidLooks Adult Affiliate Program Slut Ride Join CandidLooks
Effective Cash Adult Affiliate Program Hunt 4K Join Effective Cash
FPNcash Adult Affiliate Program Down To Fuck Dating, Public Sex Date, RealFuckingDating, and SheFucksOnTheFirstDate. Join FPNcash
Monger Cash Adult Affiliate Program Trike Patrol and TukTuk Patrol. Join Monger Cash
MrSkinCash Adult Affiliate Program Vitaly Uncensored Join MrSkinCash
NubilesCash Adult Affiliate Program Driver XXX Join NubilesCash
Pornomental Adult Affiliate Program Bitch STOP and Lesbian Pickups. Join Pornomental
Radical Cash Adult Affiliate Program The Habib Show Join Radical Cash
Serious Cash Adult Affiliate Program Disgrace That Bitch and Fucking Glasses. Join Serious Cash
Program Review List of Sponsors Sites With Reality Pickups Content Sponsor Link

About this List of Reality Pickups Content Sponsors

We would like to emphasize that this list of reality pickups content sponsors is a regularly updated work in progress. By which, we mean that new listings will be added as adult affiliate programs that we have already reviewed add reality pickups content sites, or we add new reviews for adult affiliate programs with sites devoted to the reality pickups niche.

It should also be noted that in the interest of providing a list of only the best money making sponsors in the reality pickups niche, it is sometimes necessary to also remove particular listings. Usually, removal is in response to programs and/or their reality pickups content sites being discontinued. However, we also regularly remove the listings for those adult affiliate programs that appear to be of little interest to affiliates or display a significant decline in popularity – typically that decision is made only after a full year has passed with no observed activity. Furthermore, we also exercise the right to delete the listings of those adult sponsors deemed to be engaging in activities that are contrary to the best interests of the affiliates promoting them. Again, these actions are taken with the intent of providing affiliates a list of the best sponsors in the reality pickups niche and make more money. Programs that have been removed can be found in the ‘Removed’ category along with the reason(s) for our decision.

If you are an affiliate looking for a comprehensive list of all adult affiliate programs offering reality pickups content sites, we would recommend checking out one of those other review sites that do not seem to much mind referring you to poor to downright disreputable programs. However, if you want to save yourself time and effort, and make the most money, by promoting only the best adult affiliate programs with reality pickups content sites, then you have come to the right place.