Glamcore is a newly coined term to describe hardcore content whose style and quality is similar to that of HD glamour sites. The content is usually hallmarked by a focus on the sensual aspects of love-making, thus lacking any of the phony baloney scripted dialog and unlikely scenario set-ups. While there is some deviation among programs, glamcore content most often involves sensual couples in erotic encounters. As such, it is frequently marketed as content ‘for couples.’ For those affiliates looking to make more money promoting the glamcore niche, here you will find a frequently updated list of the best quality adult affiliate programs with glamcore niche sites and content.

To make browsing easier, this list of glamcour sponsors is ordered alphabetically by adult affiliate program with the thumbnail images on the left linking to our reviews so affiliates can get a better idea of what each program has to offer, followed by listings of their adult sites with glamcore content, and lastly links to go to the sponsor programs directly.

Program Review List of Sponsors Sites With Glamcore Content Sponsor Link
Blazing Bucks Adult Affiliate Program Erotica X Join Blazing Bucks
FameDollars Adult Affiliate Program 21Naturals Join FameDollars
ManicaMoney Adult Affiliate Program Gentle Desire Join ManicaMoney
NubilesCash Adult Affiliate Program Nubile Films and Petite Ballerinas Fucked. Join NubilesCash
PaperStreetCash Adult Affiliate Program Lust HD Join PaperStreetCash
Royal-Cash Adult Affiliate Program Anal Beauty, Teen Sex Mania, Tiny Teens 18, and X-Angels. Join Royal-Cash
Serious Cash Adult Affiliate Program Massage X and X Sensual. Join Serious Cash
Program Review List of Sponsors Sites With Glamcore Content Sponsor Link

About this List of Glamcore Content Sponsors

Affiliates should note that this list of glamcore sponsors is a continually updating work in progress. As existing programs add new sites in the glamcore niche, those additions will be reflected here. Likewise, as we add new reviews for programs offering glamcore content sites, they will similarly have listings added.

In the interest in providing affiliates with only the best programs offering glamcore content sites – and ideally make more money – it is also necessary to remove listings from time to time. Typically, removal is the result of programs closing or discontinuing their glamcore content sites. However, we also routinely remove listing for programs that appear to hold little to no interest with affiliates. In such cases, we customarily give those programs a full year to indicate some increased interest before ultimately removing them. We are less patient with programs determined to be engaging in fraudulent activity, particularly when such activity is against the best interest of their affiliates, and will remove those programs listings immediately once we are satisfactorily convinced of their intentional duplicity. Programs that have had their listings removed are moved to the ‘Removed’ category with brief explanations as to the criteria for their removal.

If you are an affiliate looking for a comprehensive list of all adult affiliate programs offering glamcore content sites, we would recommend checking out one of those other review sites that do not seem to much mind referring you to poor to downright disreputable programs. However, if you want to save yourself time and effort, and make the most money, by promoting only the best adult affiliate programs with glamcore content sites, then you have come to the right place.