Extreme Penetration

As they say, bigger is better. Perhaps that is why so many adult affiliate programs have extreme penetration content. Some sponsors have extreme penetration sites where the girls are solo with REALLY big toys, but more often there are other people involved to work the larger objects. Here you will find a list of adult affiliate programs with extreme penetration content.

To make things easy the page is ordered alphabetically by adult affiliate program with the sponsor thumbs linking to overview/reviews so you can learn more about the programs, followed by listings of their adult sites with extreme penetration content, and lastly links to go directly to the sponsor programs.

Program Review List of Sponsors Sites With Extreme Penetration Content Sponsor Link
AEBN Adult Affiliate Program Build your own white label VOD site with extreme penetration content. Join AEBN
Brutal Bucks Adult Affiliate Program Brutal Dildos, Brutal Dildos Mobile, Brutal Fisting, Dildo Machine Sex, Huge Strapon Lesbians, and Prolapse Party. Join Brutal Bucks
Duke Dollars Adult Affiliate Program Huge Rubber Dicks Join Duke Dollars
ExtremeBank Adult Affiliate Program Angie Noir, Club Clayra, Extreme Ty, Fisting Sex, Naughty Alysha, and Roxy Raye. Join ExtremeBank
ExtremeMovieCash Adult Affiliate Program Boss Lesson, Dildo Penetrations, and Pervert Clips. Join ExtremeMovieCash
GoldBarsXXX Adult Affiliate Program Horsey Girls Join GoldBarsXXX
Luso Money Adult Affiliate Program Fisting Join Luso Money
NSCash Adult Affiliate Program Stretched Out Snatch Join NSCash
SilverCash Adult Affiliate Program Taboo Insertions Join SilverCash
Whale Cash Adult Affiliate Program Free Monster Porn Join WhaleCash
Program Review List of Sponsors Sites With Extreme Penetration Content Sponsor Link

About this List of Extreme Penetration Sponsors

We would like to emphasize that this list of extreme penetration sponsors is a regularly updated work in progress. By which, we mean that new listings will be added as 1) adult affiliate programs that we have already reviewed add extreme penetration content sites or 2) we add new reviews for adult affiliate programs with sites devoted to the extreme penetration niche.

It should also be noted that in the interest of providing a list of only the best money making sponsors in the extreme penetration niche, it is sometimes necessary to also remove particular listings. Usually, removal is in response to programs and/or their extreme penetration content sites being discontinued. However, we also regularly remove the listings for those adult affiliate programs which appear to be of little interest to affiliates or demonstrate a pronounced decline in popularity – typically that decision is reached after a full year with no perceived activity. Furthermore, we also reserve the right to delete the listings of those adult affiliate programs deemed to be engaging in activities that are contrary to the best interests of their affiliates. Again, this is all in the interest of ensuring that this list contains only the best money making sponsors in the extreme penetration niche.