New Sites

New sites should be of particular interest to serious adult affiliates. First, new sites provide affiliates with fresh new content to promote that surfers are unlikely to have yet seen. In that regard, it becomes a bit of a race, as many affiliates vie to be the first to get the new content in front of surfers as well as listed in the search engines. Second, new sites are an excellent indication that their corresponding adult affiliate programs are of higher quality for being actively managed.

For those affiliates looking to make more money promoting new sites, here you will find an updated list of the best quality adult affiliate programs that have recently added new sites. The list is ordered chronologically, with the newest sites at the top. Rather than link each listing directly to its corresponding program, we have chosen to link to our reviews of the programs instead. From there, affiliates can choose to continue on to join the programs with a clear understanding of what all they have to offer.

List of New Sites Added in January, 2021

January 15, 20210Not My Grandpa added to PaperStreetCash.
January 13, 2021Girls Fuck Girls added to sinnercash.

List of New Sites Added in December, 2020

December 16, 2020Scout Boys added to Carnal Cash and Gunz Blazing.
December 15, 2020Zero Tolerance added to FameDollars.
December 13, 2020Gasm added to ManicaMoney.
December 10, 2020Abbie Maley added to FPNcash.

List of New Sites Added in November, 2020

November 27, 2020Fisting Inferno added to Buddy Profits.
November 25, 2020Public Sex Date added to FPNcash.
November 22, 2020PervNana added to MYLFMoney.
November 19, 2020Fist 4K added to Effective Cash.
November 16, 2020Black Cock Passion added to MVGCash.
November 13, 2020Bim Bim added to AWEmpire.
November 07, 2020MixedX added to sinnercash.
November 02, 2020POVR added to Pimproll.

List of New Sites Added in October, 2020

October 31, 2020Milf Versus Machine added to MoreFuckingMoney.
October 29, 2020Club Foxxy added to Transerotica.
October 26, 2020Cuck Hunter added to ARX Bucks.
October 04, 2020Honey Trans (formerly Wonder Shemale) added to ARX Bucks.
October 01, 2020Anal Just added to Cash3x.

List of New Sites Added in September, 2020

September 30, 2020Girls Only Porn added to NubilesCash.
September 23, 2020Family Swap added to NubilesCash.
September 21, 2020GDude-JP added to zBUCKz.
September 18, 2020POV Masters added to ARX Bucks.
September 17, 2020Hardcore Massage added to CashBang.
September 09, 2020Bukkake XXX added to EuroRevenue.

List of New Sites Added in August, 2020

August 25, 2020Addicted 2 Girls and TS Factor added to FameDollars.
August 14, 2020Babes Banged added to RealSexCash.
August 08, 2020 – Ready Girl One added to RawFuckingCash.
August 04, 2020Cardiogasm added to FameDollars.

List of New Sites Added in July, 2020

July 30, 2020Stay Home MILF added to MYLFMoney.
July 29, 2020Tutor 4K added to Effective Cash.
July 27, 2020Granny Loves Black added to ARL Cash.
July 27, 2020Yoshi Kawasaki XXX added to zBUCKz.
July 14, 2020Cruising Porn added to GuyDollars.
July 13, 2020Kiki D’aire added to Puba Cash.
July 11, 2020TS Brutal Dildos added to Brutal Bucks.
July 10, 2020Anal Mom added to MYLFMoney.
July 08, 2020Dad Creep added to ChargedCash.
July 07, 2020AlternaDudes, Dick Show, Dirty Boy Video, Pits And Pubes, and Straight Boys Fucking added to zBUCKz. To clarify, these five sites of the DirtyBoyPays Network are not in themselves new, but are newly available for promotion to zBUCKz affiliates.
July 02, 2020British Bukkake added to RealSexCash.

List of New Sites Added in June, 2020

June 30, 2020Down To Fuck Dating added to FPNcash.
June 22, 2020Raw Couples added to Royal-Cash.
June 16, 2020Wolf Wagner added to FameDollars.
June 16, 2020Got Mum added to CashBang.
June 16, 2020Secret Handful added to Boobbucks.
June 12, 2020Forbidden Hookups added to Puba Cash.
June 10, 2020Telugu Couple Sex added to 247MG.
June 02, 2020Homemade Wives added to RealSexCash.

List of New Sites Added in May, 2020

May 31, 2020Aaliyah Hadid and Ryan Riesling added to Pornstar Platinum.
May 27, 2020Filth Flix added to Puffy Cash.
May 14, 2020Shady Spa added to ThickCash.
May 14, 2020Model Time added to FameDollars.
May 14, 2020Grooby Club added to Groobybucks.
May 12, 2020Monger In Asia added to GhostCash.
May 07, 2020BiPhoria and Caught Fapping added to FameDollars.
May 05, 2020Briana Banks and Cherie Deville added to Pornstar Platinum.
May 02, 2020BBC Paradise added to MYLFMoney.
May 01, 2020Aaliyah Love, Crush Girls, Diamond Foxxx, Honey Gold, Kenzie Taylor, and Peta Jensen added to Pornstar Platinum.

List of New Sites Added in April, 2020

April 29, 2020Rim4K added to Effective Cash.
April 15, 2020Radical Pass added to Radical Cash.
April 09, 2020Yes Father added to ChargedCash.

List of New Sites Added in March, 2020

March 31, 2020Devil’s TGirls (formerly Tranny Pros) added to FameDollars.
March 28, 2020Family XXX added to NSCash.
March 25, 2020Cheer Squad Parties added to FameDollars.
March 23, 2020Facial 18, First XXX Video, Only Teen Anal, Only Teen Lesbians, Teen Creamers, Teens Like It Dark, and Young N Busty added to Puba Cash.
March 22, 2020Twink Top added to Gunz Blazing.
March 20, 2020Cum Buffet added to Tsunami Cash.
March 19, 2020Real Men Fuck added to zBUCKz.
March 12, 2020Baberotica VR added to AVRevenue.
March 11, 2020Pornmuschimovie added to EasyXCash.
March 09, 2020AD4X added to Radical Cash.
March 03, 2020Is This Real?! added to FameDollars.
March 03, 2020BBCPie added to Fuck You Cash.

List of New Sites Added in February, 2020

February 27, 2020GenderX added to FameDollars.
February 26, 2020Shoplyfter Mylf added to MYLFMoney.
February 25, 2020Hentai Sex School added to FameDollars.
February 24, 2020Transgasm added to Groobybucks.
February 24, 2020Dirty-Chubby, Dirty Casting, Lusty XXX Family, Sex Games Private, and XXX Reality Fuck added to EasyXCash.
February 13, 2020Sis Porn added to Effective Cash.
February 13, 2020Banned Stories added to BaDoinkCash and SmoochyCash.
February 07, 2020Foster Tapes added to PaperStreetCash.
February 03, 2020VR Foot Fetish added to Feet4Cash.

List of New Sites Added in January, 2020

January 30, 2020All Black X added to Blazing Bucks.
January 17, 2020Bad Boy Bondage, Bad Boys Boot Camp, Bound Muscle Jocks, and Daddys Bondage Boys added to IndieBucks. To clarify, these four sites of the Boy Bondage Studios Network are not in themselves new, but are newly available for promotion to IndieBucks affiliates.

In the past, adult affiliate programs that had added new sites were “bumped” to the front page. To our way of thinking, this practice served as a means of keeping the higher quality programs towards the top, while allowing those programs with relatively stale content by comparison to continually drift towards the bottom. While we think this practice continues to have merit, we also want the front page to be a place where affiliates can find the most recently added reviews. To that end, we have decided to be a bit more discerning about which programs get bumped and when.