New Sites

New sites should be of particular interest to serious adult affiliates. First, new sites provide affiliates with fresh new content to promote that surfers are unlikely to have yet seen. In that regard, it becomes a bit of a race, as many affiliates vie to be the first to get the new content in front of surfers as well as listed in the search engines. Second, new sites are an excellent indication that their corresponding adult affiliate programs are of higher quality for being actively managed.

For those affiliates looking to make more money promoting new sites, here you will find an updated list of the best quality adult affiliate programs that have recently added new sites. The list is ordered chronologically, with the newest sites at the top. Rather than link each listing directly to its corresponding program, we have chosen to link to our reviews of the programs instead. From there, affiliates can choose to continue on to join the programs with a clear understanding of what all they have to offer.

List of New Sites Added in October, 2019

October 18, 2019Wank It Now VR and Zexy VR added to JERK REV.
October 17, 2019The Brats added to FameDollars.
October 15, 2019Inked Gurlz added to CashBang.
October 10, 2019Under The Bed added to FameDollars.
October 08, 2019Screw Me Too added to Monger Cash.
October 06, 2019Where The Boys Aren’t added to FameDollars.
October 02, 2019Tug Casting added to Twisted Snake.

List of New Sites Added in September, 2019

September 26, 2019Bliss Dulce Live added to Fantasy Girl Revenue.
September 12, 2019Say Uncle added to ChargedCash.
September 03, 2019Law4K added to Effective Cash.
September 02, 2019Lollipop Girls added to Tsunami Cash.

List of New Sites Added in August, 2019

August 29, 2019Wicked added to FameDollars.
August 29, 2019Homemade Anal Whores added to FPNcash.
August 21, 2019Les Worship added to ARX Bucks.
August 15, 2019Euro TGirls added to Groobybucks.
August 13, 2019Wonder Shemale added to ARX Bucks.
August 13, 2019My Self Pics added to Kennys Pennies.
August 13, 2019Naked Girls Smoking and Ultra Cuckolds added to Kick Ass Pays.
August 10, 2019Valery Summer Videos added to Fantasy Girl Revenue.
August 08, 2019Boy Creeper added to Fetish Wealth.
August 06, 2019Young Indian Couple added to 247MG.

List of New Sites Added in July, 2019

July 25, 2019Nippon Blowbang, Nippon Creampie, Nippon Gangbang, Nippon Hairy, and Nippon Teen added to Puba Cash.
July 25, 2019Femout Sex XXX added to Groobybucks.
July 24, 2019Kick Ass Flix added to Kick Ass Pays.
July 23, 2019Red Alley added to Manica Money.
July 23, 2019All Anal added to StickyDollars.
July 23, 2019Only 3X Lost, Only 3X Series, and Only 3X VR added to Cash3x.
July 19, 2019Dee Williams XXX and Taboo Stepmom added to Pornstar Platinum.
July 19, 2019Detention Girls and Nubiles ET added to NubilesCash.
July 19, 2019Public Handjobs and Strictly Hands added to Twisted Snake.
July 14, 2019Anal BBC, Anal Violation, Her Gape, Teenage Anal Sluts, and Your Mom Does Anal added to FPNcash.
July 04, 2019Katerina Hartlova added to Kennys Pennies.

List of New Sites Added in June, 2019

June 24, 2019JavHub added to Radical Cash.
June 23, 2019Real Sensual added to SpizCash.
June 07, 2019Full Porn Network added to FPNcash.
June 06, 2019Radical Jizzlam added to Duke Dollars.
June 06, 2019BBW Boink, Granny Gets BBC, and Latinas Get BBC added to Puba Cash.

List of New Sites Added in May, 2019

May 31, 2019Debt4K added to Effective Cash.
May 19, 2019Mr Lucky POV added to SpizCash.
May 19, 2019Transex POV added to Groobybucks.
May 07, 2019Deep Lush added to NubilesCash.
May 02, 2019Sensual Network added to CordaCash.

List of New Sites Added in April, 2019

April 29, 2019Banging Family added to CashBang.
April 24, 2019Thickumz added to PaperStreetCash.
April 24, 2019Grooby DVD added to Groobybucks.
April 13, 2019Punishment 3D added to Creative 3D Cash.
April 07, 2019Only Golddigger added to Cash3x.
April 03, 2019Pretty Foxes and True Beauty Girls added to True Beauty Cash.
April 02, 2019MYLFDOM added to MYLFMoney.
April 02, 2019Locker Room Boys added to GuyDollars.
April 01, 2019Waitress POV added to Fetish Wealth.

List of New Sites Added in March, 2019

March 18, 2019Only 3X Girls added to Cash3x.
March 16, 2019Go Gay Guy and Up Shemale added to MVGCash.
March 13, 2019Nikki Jade Taylor XXX added to Transerotica.
March 11, 2019Aces of Porn, Broken Babes, Chic n Chix, Fresh And Innocent, and Sexy Knockers added to CashBang.
March 05, 2019Asian TGirl and TGirl Sex XXX added to Groobybucks.
March 04, 2019Hotel Hostages added to Kinkster Cash.
March 03, 2019Kink VR added to BadoinkCash.
March 02, 2019Boy For Sale and Growl Boys added to Gunz Blazing.
March 02, 2019VIP 4K added to Effective Cash.

List of New Sites Added in February, 2019

February 28, 2019Little Asians added to PaperStreetCash.
February 20, 2019Khloe Kay added to Transerotica.
February 16, 2019Road Trips UK added to RealSexCash.
February 15, 2019Female Submission and Future Darkly added to FameDollars.
February 13, 2019Free Trans 500 Cams and TS Fetish added to TransDollars.
February 10, 2019Mug Fucked and Your Mom Does Porn added to FPNcash.
February 10, 2019My Legs Paradise added to Radical Cash.
February 10, 20191001 DVDs added to JavBucks.
February 02, 2019Only 3X and Pure BJ added to Cash3x.

List of New Sites Added in January, 2019

January 24, 2019That Sitcom Show added to NubilesCash.
January 24, 2019Adult Time, Age And Beauty, Lady Gonzo, Shape Of Beauty, Sister Trick, and Transfixed added to FameDollars.
January 23, 2019Mylked added to ThickCash.
January 18, 2019My FTM Crush added to Gunz Blazing.
January 10, 2019Christiana Cinn added to Puba Cash.
January 03, 2019Ballet Flats Fetish (formerly Ballerine World) added to Feet4Cash.

List of New Sites Added in December, 2018

December 20, 2018Brutal POV added to Fetish Wealth.
December 13, 2018Purgatory X added to Radical Cash.
December 06, 2018Be The Cuck added to FameDollars.
December 05, 2018TranzVR added to Pimproll.
December 05, 2018German BBC Slut added to MVGCash.
December 03, 2018River Enza added to Transerotica.

List of New Sites Added in November, 2018

November 29, 2018Baberotica added to AVRevenue.
November 29, 2018Bikini Fanatics and Common Sensual (formerly Lucy Makes Porn) added to Manica Money.
November 22, 2018Model Sex Chat added to FetishHits.
November 21, 2018Jamie French and Kayleigh Coxx added to Transerotica.
November 20, 2018Hot Crazy Mess added to NubilesCash.
November 19, 2018Amateurs-Next-Door and Retro Amateur Porn added to RealSexCash.
November 15, 2018Shemale 3D Sluts and Ultimate 3D Smut added to Creative 3D Cash.
November 14, 2018Alyssa Lynn XXX and Goddess Kyaa added to Pornstar Platinum.
November 14, 2018Brother Crush added to ChargedCash.
November 13, 2018Voyeur Indian Porn added to 247MG.
November 07, 20183D BDSM Vault added to Creative 3D Cash.
November 06, 2018Filthy Family added to BangBros Online.

List of New Sites Added in October, 2018

October 26, 2018Girlcore added to FameDollars.
October 21, 2018MILF Trip added to Monger Cash.
October 19, 2018Chelsea Marie added to Transerotica.
October 16, 2018TS Masturbation added to TransDollars.
October 10, 2018Missionary Boys added to ChargedCash.
October 09, 2018JustVR added to Groobybucks.
October 08, 2018Anasstazia Booty, Behind Scene XXX, Busty Patsy, Dora Dolce, Kasia Kelly, My Boobs Paradise, My Ex-Girlfriend Paradise, My XXX Paradise, and Tough Love X, added to Radical Cash.
October 08, 2018Lacey Starr added to ARL Cash.
October 08, 2018Casey Kisses, Cassidy Quinn, Korra Del Rio, Lena Kelly, and Lianna Lawson added to Transerotica.
October 07, 2018Granny Guide added to ExtremeMovieCash.

In the past, adult affiliate programs that had added new sites were “bumped” to the front page. To our way of thinking, this practice served as a means of keeping the higher quality programs towards the top, while allowing those programs with relatively stale content by comparison to continually drift towards the bottom. While we think this practice continues to have merit, we also want the front page to be a place where affiliates can find the most recently added reviews. To that end, we have decided to be a bit more discerning about which programs get bumped and when.