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There are many adult DVD download affiliate programs, some better than others. The main attraction with DVD download sites is that they offer something for nearly everybody, provided they are not specifically looking for exclusive content. From 18+ teens to MILFs, amateurs to pornstars, solo masturbation to no-holes-barred orgies you can find it all on one site. For those affiliates looking to make more money promoting adult DVD sites, here you will find a frequently updated list of the best quality adult affiliate programs with DVD sites and content.

To make things easy, this list of DVD sponsors is ordered alphabetically by adult affiliate program with the thumbnail images on the left linking to our reviews so affiliates can learn more about the respective programs, followed by listings of their adult sites offering DVD content, and lastly links to go directly to the sponsor programs.

Program Review List of Sponsors Sites With DVD Content Sponsor Link
AEBN Adult Affiliate Program AEBN Gay VOD Theater and AEBN Straight VOD Theater. Join AEBN
CumBucks Adult Affiliate Program Femorg Join CumBucks
FameDollars Adult Affiliate Program Too many of this sponsors sites with DVD content to list, hover here to view them. Join FameDollars
GuyDollars Adult Affiliate Program Mega Gay Porn Join GuyDollars
HustlerCash Adult Affiliate Program Hustler and VCAXXX. Join HustlerCash
IndieBucks Adult Affiliate Program ZoGay Join IndieBucks
Kick Ass Pays Adult Affiliate Program Kick Ass Flix Join Kick Ass Pays
LotzaDollars Adult Affiliate Program XXX Member Channels Join LotzaDollars
ManicaMoney Adult Affiliate Program Filthy and Fisting, Fun Movies, Harmony Vision, Herzog Videos, Hot Gold, Inflagranti, Japan HD, Magma Film, MMV Films, Porn XN, and Pure XXX Films. Join ManicaMoney
RawFuckingCash Adult Affiliate Program Historic Erotica Join RawFuckingCash
Program Review List of Sponsors Sites With DVD Content Sponsor Link

About this List of DVD Content Sponsors

It should be noted that this list of adult DVD sponsors is not conclusive, in that it is not our intent or purpose to make this page a listing of all DVD adult affiliate programs, but rather ONLY THE BEST programs with adult DVD sites and content. As such, this list is frequently updated, with programs continually being added and removed as necessary.

As we review new adult affiliate programs, should they offer adult sites centered around DVD content, they will have those site listings added to this page. Likewise, programs whom we have already reviewed – that are in good standing – will have any new sites launched offering DVD content added to this list.

In the interest of maintaining this page as a list of only the best adult affiliate programs with DVD sites and content, unfortunately it is necessary to also remove program listings from time to time. Most often, removal is due to a program’s closing or discontinuation of their DVD sites, however we regularly remove programs that are under-performing or give all indication of being of little interest to adult affiliates. We customarily give those programs a full years time to show some renewed interest, failing that their listings are ultimately removed. Should these programs show some renewed interest at a later date, they will have their listings reinstated. For programs that we find that are engaging in activities against the best interest of their affiliates we are far less patient and will remove all of their listings once we are relatively certain of their duplicity. For more information about why a particular program had their listings removed, as well as our initial review, they can be found under the removed category.

If you are looking for a list of ALL adult affiliate programs with DVD sites and content, this ain’t it. We would suggest you visit one of those other adult sponsor list review sites that don’t seem to much care if they refer you to a bad program or not. However, if you are looking to save time with a list of ONLY THE BEST adult DVD affiliate programs that have been already vetted for you, then you’ve found the right place.