Sex Toy Store

Many adult affiliate programs have begun to add links to sex toy stores, online retail stores for adult novelties and marital aids, to their adult sites. The best of those programs have added the stores to their site lineup for their affiliates to promote directly. In fact, a few adult affiliate programs are built entirely around the sex toy store concept. The main appeal of the online sex toy store is that people can shop online and browse everything from magazines and DVDs to sexy apparel and marital aids from the privacy of their home and have it delivered right to their door. For those affiliates looking to make more money promoting sex toy store sites, here you will find a frequently updated list of the best quality adult affiliate programs offering sex toy store sites and content for affiliate promotion.

To make things easy, this list of sex toy store sponsors is ordered alphabetically by adult affiliate program with the thumbnail images on the left linking to our reviews so affiliates can learn more about the respective programs, followed by lists of their adult sites with sex toy store content, and lastly links to go directly to the sponsor programs.

Program Review List of Sponsors Sites With Sex Toy Store Content Sponsor Link
AffiliationSexShop Adult Affiliate Program Sex Shop Planet PLUS get your own customized white-label sex toy store. Join AffiliationSexShop
FetishHits Adult Affiliate Program Adult Matrix, Lingies, and Sex Toys Lust. Join FetishHits
GetScoreCash Adult Affiliate Program eBoob Store Join GetScoreCash
Riv Cash Adult Affiliate Program Negozio Sexy Join Riv Cash
Program Review List of Sponsors Sites With Sex Toy Store Content Sponsor Link

About this List of Sex Toy Store Sponsors

Please note that in the interest of providing only the best programs offering sex toy stores for affiliate promotion, this list is routinely updated. As programs whom we have already reviewed add sex toy stores for affiliates to promote, they will have listings added or updated as applicable. Likewise, as we add new reviews for programs offering sex toy stores for direct affiliate promotion, they will similarly have listings added.

However, as it is our intent of providing affiliates with only the best money making opportunities in the sex toy store market-place, we routinely remove programs as well. Most often, these are programs that close, stop taking new affiliates, or discontinue their sex toy store offerings for affiliates to promote. Furthermore, we regularly remove the listings of those programs whose interest among adult affiliates appears to have significantly diminished. We do not reach that decision lightly, and typically give those programs a full year to give some indication of renewed interest before ultimately removing them. We are less patient with programs deemed to be engaging in fraudulent activity, particularly when it is directed towards their affiliates. In such cases, once we are satisfactorily convinced of their duplicity, their listings are immediately removed. For more information about why particular programs have had their listings removed, they can be found in the ‘Removed’ category along with brief explanations as to how we came to reach that decision.

If you are looking for a list of ALL adult affiliate programs with sex toy store sites and content, this is not it. We would suggest you visit one of those other sponsor list review sites that do not appear to much care whether or not they refer you to a bad program. However, if you are looking to save both time and effort with a list of ONLY THE BEST sex toy store adult affiliate programs that have been already vetted for you, then you have found the right place.