Category: Good Programs

A list of all adult affiliate programs that we consider to be of good quality. Of course some may be considered ‘great’ if they have content in an under-developed niche, but for the sake of ranking, we mainly consider performance, updates, availability of tools, and overall quality.


BrainCash Adult Affiliate Program

While BrainCash is one of the best adult affiliate programs to offer exclusive content in both gay and straight niches, they are far from perfect. The BrainCash adult affiliate program does offer a diversity of adult niches and features such…


SilverCash Adult Affiliate Program

While I have heard several webmasters swear that the SilverCash adult affiliate program is one of the best, I still have my reservations. SilverCash is certainly one of the best at payouts, with a whopping 70% revshare and upwards of…