Category: Good Programs

A list of all adult affiliate programs that we consider to be of good quality. Of course some may be considered ‘great’ if they have content in an under-developed niche, but for the sake of ranking, we mainly consider performance, updates, availability of tools, and overall quality.


XXXRewards Adult Affiliate Program

XXXRewards is definitely NOT one of the best adult affiliate programs we would recommend for novice adult webmasters. While the exclusive content is high quality, inexperienced adult webmasters would be best suited joining the XXXRewards program only after they have…


CathyCash Adult Affiliate Program

CathyCash has been around for quite awhile, and consistently remains one of the best adult affiliate programs for niche hardcore housewife content. With kinky blonde hair and glasses,the titular Cathy looks to be your typical housewife, but those looks belie…

Meendo Cash

Meendo Cash Adult Affiliate Program

Meendo Cash is an innovative concept for a dating adult affiliate program. Where many adult affiliate programs supplement their photo and video content with dating sites, Meendo Cash effectively combines photo and tube style video content into their dating site,…

Just Got Cash

Just Got Cash Adult Affiliate Program

The Just Got Cash adult affiliate program will best appeal to those affiliates looking to promote exclusive high quality content in the teen and homemade amateur niches. However, since there are only two sites and no tools other than hosted…

The Dating Network

The Dating Network Adult Affiliate Program

The login page for The Dating Network began offering two choices: TheDatingNetwork Legacy Login and TheDatingNetwork 2.0 Login. As an existing affiliate we choose the legacy login and we see a stats panel, and that’s it. Our existing login credentials…