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Easyflirt Partners Adult Affiliate Program Login issues began shortly after the Easyflirt Partners adult affiliate program changed their name to Prelinker. If we straighten out our login issues, we will re-review them under their new name. However, we should also add that we continue to get their emails, but requests for assistance have gone unanswered.

Easyflirt Partners is an adult dating affiliate program where affiliates can build their own white label sub-domain adult dating sites. While there are ready-made sites affiliates can begin promoting immediately, the majority of advanced tools such as RSS feeds appear to be best suited for promotion of the affiliates own dating white labels. Additionally, the white labels are highly customizable giving affiliates the opportunity to provide their own custom site titles, meta data, logos, color schemes, as well as inserting additional code in the header and their own custom footer. Affiliates should note that at present Easyflirt Partners only offers affiliates the ability to create sub-domain white label dating sites, as opposed to affiliates being able to direct their own registered domains to Easyflirt Partners’ DNS servers.

About the Easyflirt Partners Program

Payment Structure: 55% RevShare
Payment Schedule: Monthly
Payment Methods: Check (for European countries only), PayPal, and Wire.
Payment Minimum: €100 – roughly $132 at today’s rate of exchange.

Program Features

Sites: 10Hover here to view them, PLUS build your own adult dating white label sites.
Hosted Galleries: NO
Type of Content: Pics
Exclusive Content: YES
Updates: YES
RSS Feeds: YES
Morphing Feeds: NO
Tube Clips: NO
Mobile: NO
Content and Hosting: NO
Hosted TGP/MGP: NO
Trials: NO
Cross Sales: None


Affiliates should be pleased to note that the Easyflirt Partners sites appear to be exactly what they claim: dating sites with REAL profiles – not obvious filler profiles with images scraped from other dating sites coupled with automated spam emails to entice members to upgrade their memberships. However, that authenticity comes at a price – namely being that members will be presented with fewer, though legitimate, member profiles in their region. Furthermore, affiliates should also be pleased to learn that the Easyflirt Partners dating program is nearly world-wide, with the only obvious exception being Africa. Considering the amount of spam and scams that originate from the Dark Continent, that seems reasonable if not outright beneficial.

EasyFlirt Partners has an extensive collection of standard and advanced tools for affiliates to promote the ready-made sites as well as the affiliates own white labels. That said, affiliates should note that the RSS and XML feeds are not ‘blog style’ with a lot of unique text and large images that link to extended member bio’s. Just the opposite in fact, the feed entries only contain the members age and city of residence with standard sized head-shot thumbs linking to the signup page with the exact same image and description in the pages corner.

For the most part, Easyflirt Partners seems to be above-board when it comes to avoiding the use of indexing tricks. There are no canonical links or robots files to instruct search engines to not index the affiliates pages or give preferential indexing to ‘house’ pages. There are, however, noindex and noarchive googlebot meta tags on the white label sites, though those sites that have a ‘house’ version of the same pages contain the same tags, so it does not appear as if their purpose is to intentionally defraud the affiliate. Furthermore, the ready-made sites contain no such meta tags.

As a whole, the Easyflirt Partners adult affiliate program appears to be trustworthy – from the use of real profile pics to using the same indexing meta tags on affiliates white labels as their own ‘house’ pages. Though not for everyone, affiliates looking for a white label dating option would be wise to have a look at Easyflirt Partners.

FYI: Before payments will be sent, affiliates will have to mail a printed copy of their affiliate contract to Easyflirt Partners. Additionally, once the minimum payment has been met, affiliates will need to request payment. Though not too much of an inconvenience, affiliates need to be aware of these provisions if they are to receive payment.

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