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Adult Empire Cash Adult Affiliate Program Adult Empire Cash is the affiliate program for promoting the Adult Empire line of sites. Affiliates can promote the program’s individual DVD and BluRay stores, VOD stores, sex toy stores, or stores offering a combination of the three. Additionally, there is even a DVD and BluRay store for new and used mainstream products – we are pretty excited about this actually, as we have been looking for the box set of The Tales of the Gold Monkey. Best of all, they even offer their affiliates customizable co-branded white label opportunities! Now for the bad news: other than banners, there are no ready-made promotional tools expressly provided.

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About the Adult Empire Cash Program

Payment Structure: 50%/20-50% RevShare for Unlimited memberships, 25% BluRay and DVD sales, 30% Sex Toy sales, and 35% VOD sales.
Payment Schedule: Monthly
Payment Methods: Check, PayPal, Wire
Payment Minimum: $50

Program Features

Sites: 7Hover here to view them, PLUS get your own co-branded white-label store.
Hosted Galleries: NO
Type of Content: Pics and HD Videos – Flash and Silverlight.
Exclusive Content: NO
Updates: YES
RSS Feeds: NO*
Morphing Feeds: NO
Tube Clips: NO
Mobile: YES (Responsive)
Content and Hosting: NO
Hosted TGP/MGP: NO
Trials: Free to Register; $2.99/3 day
Cross Sales: None


It should be noted that the folks of Adult Empire Cash are primarily interested in affiliates with their own sites, which is bad news for affiliates just starting out and trying to do things on the cheap, but good news for the rest of us as it means a program fairly free of scammers and spammers. To initiate signing up for the program, interested affiliates will first need to complete a short questionnaire before receiving their password. From there, they will be prompted to provide additional details, including verifying the site(s) from which they will be sending traffic. Once verified, affiliates will then need to add a ‘link group’ in order to create their partner ID code(s) – multiple codes can be created as necessary. Only once all of these steps are completed will you be ready to start promoting.

As mentioned, the Adult Empire Cash program does not have any ready-made promotional tools expressly provided for affiliates other than various banners. This is where the partner ID codes come into play. Affiliates can promote any page in the network of sites merely by appending URLs with ‘?partner_id=[partner ID code]’ – without the quotes and brackets, of course. If the URL you wish to link to already contains a question mark, substitute the question mark at the beginning of the addendum with an ampersand. Unfortunately, the affiliate code is useful only to cookie visitors that follow the links, and not hard coded and passed along to other pages which those visitors might bookmark for later, perhaps after they have purged their cookies – a needless concern if promoting your own white-label. However, the sites offer a wealth of images and text content to further assist affiliates in their promotion. Additionally, affiliates will find several RSS feeds on the sites that may likewise prove very useful.

Affiliates more interested in the recurring monthly commissions associated with traditional membership sites should check out the ‘Unlimited’ sites. At present, they offer more than 120,000 scenes from over 25,000 different movies, and are constantly adding more, with selections from the top studios and many of the most popular porn stars spanning the spectrum of adult niches. Additionally, the Unlimited sites are available on all devices including their own Roku channel.

We would also recommend affiliates to contact the folks at Adult Empire Cash about setting up their own co-branded white label store. We were immediately interested in getting one for ourselves. The turn-around was very quick and we are more than happy with the end result – check out our new Quality Adult Affiliates Store here! While we did not impose any restrictions on what was to be offered, they will customize a store to best match the style and content of the site it is to be associated with.

In summary, Adult Empire Cash looks to be a very good and versatile program for affiliates. Despite not having too much in the way of ready-made promotional tools, it is ridiculously easy for affiliates to generate their very own deep links. And even more promising are the white-labels!

Join the Adult Empire Cash Adult Affiliate Program

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