BrainCash Adult Affiliate Program Affiliates interested in the BrainCash program will find our initial review along with working links to the program below. However, due to the program seemingly being abandoned and overall decline, listings from the various indices have been removed.

At one time, BrainCash was one of the best adult affiliate programs for a diversity of high quality exclusive sites across straight and gay niches. But somewhere along the way they faltered. The affiliate panel took a big step backwards, and promotional updates began to decline until they stopped altogether. Which was a prelude to their sites, which eventually stopped updating, as well. And that’s how it stayed for several years: A clunky webmasters area, with promo tools but nothing new for affiliates to promote. Recently, they updated their version of NATS, so it’s possible that is about to change, but we wouldn’t get too excited just yet.

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About the BrainCash Program

Payment Structure: 50% RevShare, $35 PPS
Payment Schedule: Biweekly
Payment Methods: TransferWise, Wire
Payment Minimum: $100

Program Features

Sites: 63Hover here to view them.
Hosted Galleries: YES
Type of Content: Pics and Videos – Flash, MPEG, WMV
Exclusive Content: YES
Updates: NO
RSS Feeds: NO*
Morphing Feeds: NO
Tube Clips: NO
Mobile: YES
Content and Hosting: NO
Hosted TGP/MGP: NO
Trials: FREE 2 Day Trials
Cross Sales: 2, pre-checked.


As we mentioned above, BrainCash has finally updated their NATS to version 4.1. Not the newest version of NATS, but still much better than what they had previously. Now, we’re not sure if the promo tools that were previously available were lost in the transition – or if they will eventually make it back – but as it currently stands there is now even less available for affiliate promotion. Affiliates will find the customary banners and link codes, of course, as well as a modest collection of hosted galleries, all of Christine Young. That’s nice, she was a cute girl – 15 YEARS AGO!

So, if you’ve read all this, you’re probably looking for a ray of hope. And here it is, but it’s a thin one: The BrainCash sites are currently offering 2 day free trials. By no means is it a game-changer, but perhaps it will entice a few extra sales that might otherwise pass.

It’s about time that BrainCash updated their affiliate interface, but that’s of little benefit when there is practically nothing provided to assist with promotion. Even less than before, actually. Affiliates who promote porn deals and discounts will likely find the new 2 day free trials of interest, but we imagine most affiliates will want to wait and see if the latest changes lead to any kind of updates. Otherwise, there’s just not much provided with which to work.

Join the BrainCash Adult Affiliate Program

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