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BrokerBabe might best be described as a mobile CPA program – for lack of a better description – though they really should not be pigeon-holed as strictly either. In the simplest terms, BrokerBabe is a program for bringing together advertisers, publishers, and performance networks for the respective sale and purchase of traffic and/or leads. And although the majority of their tools are obviously intended for mobile devices, they are not necessarily exclusively so. Just as the majority of offers for publishers are CPA, though there are offers for generating leads as well as the occasional revshare model.

About the BrokerBabe Program

Payment Structure: Variable (CPA, PPL, RevShare)
Payment Schedule: Monthly
Payment Methods: Paxum, PayPal, Wire
Payment Minimum: €200

Program Features

Since BrokerBabe is not an adult affiliate program in the typical sense, we have decided to forgo the typical listing of tools and features as they are largely absent.


We actually joined the BrokerBabe program quite some time ago, but found the interface a bit unwieldy for what was to be a cursory initial review, so postponed a deeper dive into the program for later. When First Mobile Cash, another affiliate program we had reviewed, recently announced they were closing their program and their sites would be exclusively available for promotion through the BrokerBabe program, we thought we should take another look.

Personally, we still find the ad-tool generator at BrokerBabe a bit clunky for our tastes. Nothing personal against them, as it all looks very similar in action to other CPA programs we have reviewed. Affiliates choose what type of ad tool they would like to generate: Direct links, device filter scripts, banner scripts, pop-under scripts, exit traffic scripts, XMLs, floating banners, smart text ads, or floating iframes. BrokerBabe’s offers fall into five categories: Adult, mainstream, adult dating, casino, and nutra. Having selected what kind of tool you are looking for, and in what category, the next step is to peruse the available offers matching your chosen criteria. In total, the diversity of offers and promotional tools represent a big step up from most other adult CPA programs which are almost always limited to dating and web-cam landers.

As a rule, we like diversity, especially when it gives us greater freedom in our promotion of an adult affiliate program. Although we don’t do much these days with mainstream marketing – much less casino and nutra – we have no doubt that there are many affiliates out there looking for a single program to promote all of those niches in addition to adult and adult dating. To them we say, this is that program!

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