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Brutal Bucks Adult Affiliate Program Our login to the Brutal Bucks program stopped working and multiple attempts at contacting them have gone unanswered. We have been unable to confirm if this issue is affecting all affiliates or just us, but in either event it does not reflect well on them.

As their name suggests, the Brutal Bucks adult affiliate program can best be described as mainly devoted to rough and extreme penetration content. While affiliates might initially assume that the sites are all of low quality due to the somewhat dated appearance of the program tour, happily most of the sites are of more contemporary design. However, affiliates should note that while the higher quality sites are kept fresh and inviting, new promotional content is added sporadically at best. In fact, when the Brutal Bucks program was initially proposed for review, there had been no new promotional content added in quite some time – hence no review at that time. Fortunately, a decent percentage of sites have had new promotion content added in recent months, though whether or not this might indicate the start of a more consistent update schedule, or whether the remainder of sites will likewise update, is yet to be seen. [Review updated 03/08/2021]

About the Brutal Bucks Program

Payment Structure: 60% RevShare, $35 PPS
Payment Schedule: Biweekly
Payment Methods: Check, Paxum
Payment Minimum: $100

Program Features

Sites: 17Hover here to view them.
Hosted Galleries: YES
Type of Content: High Res Pics and Videos – Flash, MP4, MPEG, and WMV.
Exclusive Content: YES
Updates: YES
RSS Feeds: NO
Morphing Feeds: NO
Tube Clips: YES
Mobile: YES
Content and Hosting: Content YES, hosting NO.
Hosted TGP/MGP: NO
Trials: NO
Cross Sales: 1, unchecked.


As mentioned, though there have been recent updates, the Brutal Bucks adult affiliate program does not observe any set update schedule. Perhaps that is why there are no RSS feeds either. Additionally, when viewing the listed galleries by site, affiliates should take a moment to look over the list rather than assuming that the galleries are organized chronologically with the topmost being the most recent – in a couple of instances the newer galleries are listed below some older ones. In addition to new promotional galleries still being added, though sporadically, new sites are also still being added to their site list with several being added in the past year.

Though some of the galleries do contain unique text scene descriptions, the majority – especially the more recent, do not. However, the better site tours do contain fairly lengthy text scene descriptions with a couple pages of depth, so affiliates are likely to find good descriptions with which to base their own promotional copy – at least for the newer updates. Additionally, potential affiliates should be pleased to learn that the Brutal Bucks program does not make use of of canonical links, noindex meta tags, or robots files to exclude pages with affiliate IDs from the search engines.

All in all, Brutal Bucks is a good adult affiliate program, especially for those affiliates looking for high quality rough and extreme penetration content – though other adult niches are represented as well. While a more frequent update schedule would be nice, we can only hope that the recent updates are an indication that even more will follow.

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