EdenFantasys Adult Affiliate Program The EdenFantasys adult affiliate program closed the program with which we used to promote them, and without notice. For months we could not log into the EdenFantasys program due to their email validation not working properly. So, by the time we could log in and discovered that the program we used to promote them was no longer available we had already removed their listings.

EdenFantasys is an adult affiliate program for promoting a high quality online sex toy store of the same name. Interested affiliates may at first be stymied looking for the link to join the affiliate program and only finding the link to register as a customer of the online store. This is because the affiliate program is bundled with customer membership – mainly, we suspect, to encourage frequent buyers to take advantage of the various kick-back rewards offered in exchange for promotion of the site. While these informal affiliates are rewarded with store credit and e-gift cards by default, more dedicated affiliates can opt for financial remuneration via check, wire, or even by PayPal!

About the EdenFantasys Program

Payment Structure: 5-20% RevShare
Payment Schedule: Monthly
Payment Methods: Check, PayPal, or Wire (for non-US affiliates)
Payment Minimum: $50

Program Features

Sites: 1EdenFantasys
Hosted Galleries: NO
Type of Content: NA
Exclusive Content: NO
Updates: YES
RSS Feeds: NO
Morphing Feeds: NO
Tube Clips: NO
Mobile: NO
Content and Hosting: NO
Hosted TGP/MGP: NO
Trials: FREE to register
Cross Sales: None


The EdenFantasys program is rather interesting as they offer multiple avenues for promotion. Of course, there is the online option where affiliates can use banners and/or create various links and widgets to promote specific products thereby earning a 20% commission for all referred sales, but also there is an offline means of promotion where affiliates can request flyers to advertise the program. The flyers include the affiliates promotional code which offers the customer a 15% discount and the affiliate earns a 5% commission. There are additional rewards offered to customers/affiliates for submitting articles, product reviews, or positive blog posts about the program – no, this review is not for that purpose. It is worth noting that the site does contain embedded videos with links to grab the code that affiliates might choose to make use of, though above we indicate that tube clips are not available. This discrepancy is due to there not appearing to be a means for affiliates to limit their browsing to said video reviews. Similarly, the site contains a feature for viewing in a mobile format, though there does not appear to be a link for sending referred visitors directly to the mobile version. Also, various community and update pages do contain RSS feeds though none are provided with the express purpose of affiliate promotion.

Since the affiliate program is integrated with the customer login, the EdenFantasys program has made it very easy for affiliates to simultaneously browse the site while saving pages and product links with their affiliate IDs. While those affiliate links do retain the affiliates ID in the URL when the visitor arrives on site, the ID is dropped when the referred visitor navigates away from the initial page. From there, visitors are tracked by cookies. While the cookies are rather long-lived at 180 days, that is only applicable if the surfers browser settings allow cookies and the cookie cache is not dumped between visits. Furthermore, we are pleased to point out that the EdenFantasys does not make attempts to further handicap affiliates promotional efforts by way of canonical links, noindex meta tags, or robots files to expressly prevent URLs containing affiliate IDs from being indexed.

All in all, we are very impressed with the EdenFantasys program. They have managed to build an entire community around an online sex toy store, offering various incentives and avenues of promotion.

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