Feet4Cash Adult Affiliate Program Feet4Cash, formerly PiediCash, is an adult affiliate program for high quality softcore content that will hold particular appeal to feet and foot fetish enthusiasts. At present, the program has nineteen sites available for promotion, with most of those devoted to featured models, and others devoted to such micro-niches as nylon-clad feet and ballerina slippers. However, as the program originates from Italy, some of the site names may not give perfectly clear indication of their area of focus to non-Italian speakers, though one look inside is all it takes to make things clearly obvious. Personally, we are glad they have chosen a different name for the program as the ‘Piede’ part was awfully close to something most adult affiliates would prefer to not be associated with. We assure you, this program is all about feet. [Review Updated 06/01/2020]

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About the Feet4Cash Program

  • Payment Structure: 50% RevShare
  • Payment Schedule: Weekly
  • Payment Methods: CCBill
  • Payment Minimum: $25 (CCBill)

Program Features

  • Sites: 19Hover here to view them.
  • Hosted Galleries: YES
  • Type of Content: High Res Pics and HD Videos – Flash and WMV.
  • Exclusive Content: YES
  • Updates: YES
  • RSS Feeds: NO
  • Morphing Feeds: NO
  • Tube Clips: NO
  • Mobile: NO
  • Content and Hosting: Content YES, hosting NO.
  • Hosted TGP/MGP: NO
  • Hosted POTD/VOTD: NO
  • Trials: NO
  • Cross Sales: None


As mentioned, the Feet4Cash program originates from Italy, but all of the sites offer tours in multiple languages, apparently using geo-location to provide the correct language to the visitor. However, looking over the program and sites, a couple of times we ended up on pages in Italian, but with a single click of the Union Jack and we were back to the English version. This would probably be a good time to also mention that the Feet4Cash program uses CCBill to collect member payments and disburse affiliate earnings. Why do we mention this? Well, regardless of where the joining member resides the CCBill signup pages automatically converts the signup costs to currency they are familiar with, and likewise credits the referring affiliate accordingly.

Since most CCBill programs drop the affiliates ID from the URL when the visitor arrives on site, but the ID remains intact on the galleries, we typically recommend affiliates limit their linking to those galleries and employ nofollow link attributes when linking to the sites. This time around, things are a bit different. A majority (but not all) of the galleries contain noindex, nofollow robots meta tags, which really isn’t too big of a deal considering that the galleries are devoid of any unique text about the content they are featuring. Unfortunately, the sites are similarly devoid of unique text for individual updates. However, several of the sites link to blogs that continue to update and have text rich entries. Affiliate links are not provided for those blogs for direct promotion, so affiliates wishing to somehow incorporate them into their promotional efforts will have to modify them to some extent.

Although we are not particularly into the whole foot fetish thing, it is easy to appreciate the Feet4Cash sites from a high quality softcore content perspective. Honestly, we are even less thrilled with so many of the galleries containing noindex meta tags. However, we are confident that affiliates availing themselves of the blog entries will find them more beneficial than the galleries would be, even if they were without those meta tags.

Join the Feet4Cash Adult Affiliate Program

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