FPCTraffic Adult Affiliate Program FPCTraffic is not an adult affiliate program in the traditional sense, but rather an adult ad program. Rather than promoting adult sites and getting paid for referred joins, FPCTraffic offers affiliates several methods for monetizing their adult traffic – from a pay-per-impression program via pop-under scripts to a pay-per-click program via simple links and banners. Furthermore, to encourage clicks in their click through program FPCTraffic offers several niche landing pages that affiliates might find more suitable for their niche traffic.

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About the FPCTraffic Program

Payment Structure: $0.0015-0.003/Popunder, $0.02/Unique, $0.003/Raw.
Payment Schedule: Monthly
Payment Methods: Check, Paxum, PayPal, Traffic, and Wire.
Payment Minimum: $50

Program Features

Sites: 1with 14 niche landing pages.
Hosted Galleries: NO
Type of Content: Promotional banners, buttons and thumbs only.
Exclusive Content: NO
Updates: NO
RSS Feeds: NO
Morphing Feeds: NO
Tube Clips: NO
Content and Hosting: NO
Hosted TGP/MGP: NO
Trials: NO
Cross Sales: NA


Affiliates promoting the raw program may be pleased to note that advertising partner sites are rotated with each click, so surfers who click the links multiple times will not feel hammered with the same partner site over and over again. It should also be noted that the referred partner sites are all fast loading, so are less likely to annoy the surfer by having to pause and wait for the sponsor page to load before proceeding. Affiliates are advised to read the terms and conditions for FPCTraffic as a whole, and the separate terms for each program they plan to promote.

In short, FPCTraffic is a very good program for affiliates looking to monetize their adult blogs and/or sites. The more traffic, the more affiliates stand to make regardless of whether or not the surfers are inclined to buy. For this reason, we imagine affiliates operating tube sites will do very well with this program.

Join the FPCTraffic Adult Affiliate Program

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