GirlsRimming Adult Affiliate Program GirlsRimming is a small adult affiliate program with a single site of the same name. We would prefer the adult affiliate programs we review to have custom program tours as opposed to the utilitarian view that is the NATS default, as exampled by GirlsRimming here. But that preference is mainly borne out of convenience to give affiliates an immediate impression of what the program is all about. That said, with a name like GirlsRimming affiliates and surfers alike should have a very good idea of the content they can expect to find with this program and it’s eponymous site. Analingus, people, we’re talking about girls giving rimjobs. [Review updated 01/26/2021]

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About the GirlsRimming Program

  • Payment Structure: 50% RevShare
  • Payment Schedule: Biweekly
  • Payment Methods: Paxum, PayPal, Wire
  • Payment Minimum: $200

Program Features

  • Sites: 1GirlsRimming
  • Hosted Galleries: NO
  • Type of Content: High Res Pics and HD Videos – MP4
  • Exclusive Content: YES
  • Updates: YES
  • RSS Feeds: NO
  • Morphing Feeds: NO
  • Tube Clips: NO
  • Content and Hosting: NO
  • Hosted TGP/MGP: NO
  • Hosted POTD/VOTD: NO
  • Trials: NO
  • Cross Sales: 1, pre-checked


So, we did a quick google search to check our spelling of “analingus” – FYI, although it appears that “anilingus” is more accurate, it is less commonly used – and were surprised at the number of results that came back that were not porn. There was even a Cosmopolitan article pretty high up in the results. That should tell you something. This is a subject for which A LOT of people are searching. Keep that thought in mind, we’ll be coming back to it.

Unfortunately, the GirlsRimming program offers their affiliate NOTHING in terms of promotional tools other than a link to the site. Seriously, nothing. Not even a banner. So, you may be thinking perhaps they’re new and haven’t gotten that far in setting up their program, yet. Nope. The site and program have been up and running for over two years now. If they haven’t added any promotional tools in that time, it would be rather naive to think that’s going to change any time soon.

At this point, rational affiliates should be asking themselves two questions: 1) Why wouldn’t a program provide their affiliates with basic tools for their promotion, and 2) why should affiliates bother promoting such a program? Both questions have the same answer, and that is the thought we asked you to keep in mind. This is a subject LOTS of people are interested in. And with so many people searching such an under-saturated niche, they are bound to find the content GirlsRimming offers. Your job as affiliates, is simply to help facilitate that.

With practically nothing offered to assist their affiliates in promotion, we feel we have to give the GirlRimming program a lower rating than it would otherwise deserve. For affiliates already promoting the rimjob niche – first, congratulations, you’re already ahead of the curve – you will want to check out the high quality content of GirlsRimming if you haven’t already. For everybody else, we STRONGLY encourage you to consider this under-saturated but apparently highly-sought after niche.

Join the GirlsRimming Adult Affiliate Program

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