LA PLAYA CASH Adult Affiliate Program The LA PLAYA CASH adult affiliate program has announced they will soon be closing: “Latest days we receive a ton of complaints from models so is enough for all these years. I hope you’re ok. PS: Please remove all our links asap. Roberto Zarack”

LA PLAYA CASH is a rather small CCBill adult affiliate program in the Latina niche. When we first reviewed the program it had only one site readily available for promotion, although there were several more that were up and running and listing LA PLAYA CASH as their affiliate program. Since then, the affiliate area has changed a couple of times, first making those sites readily available, and then not. Although there are a few aspects that we like about this program, unfortunately there are also some significant shortcomings of which affiliates should be aware before joining. First and foremost, affiliates will not find a comprehensive list of hosted galleries to promote. While there is a link which we assume is to provide all of the galleries to date, it requires a user pass in order to access. Multiple requests sent to the programs provided contact email addresses for said pass have gone unanswered.

About the LA PLAYA CASH Program

Payment Structure: 50% RevShare
Payment Schedule: Weekly
Payment Methods: CCBill
Payment Minimum: $25 (CCBill)

Program Features

Sites: 1Real Teen Latinas
Hosted Galleries: YES
Type of Content: High Res Pics and HD Videos – WMV.
Exclusive Content: YES
Updates: YES
RSS Feeds: NO
Morphing Feeds: NO
Tube Clips: NO
Content and Hosting: NO
Trials: NO
Cross Sales: None


Although the complete list of hosted galleries appear to be inaccessibly locked behind a login, that does not mean that affiliates are without any galleries with which to work. Since joining we have received promo updates via email – arriving from the same email address to which we sent our promo tool pass requests we might add – with links to galleries correctly formatted with our CCBill ID. Also, the program tour lists the latest promo updates, though affiliates will need to swap out their own CCBill ID for the default used in that list. It is worth noting that the list contains the three recent updates we received via email, but it appears that nearly two years passed since the previous update. Additionally, since this is a CCBill program and the site offer considerable site depth with content rich pages, affiliates can easily create their own deep links to those pages, effectively using them in lieu of hosted galleries.

So, although the full list of galleries is behind a login and the program’s affiliate support leaves a lot to be desired, affiliates can nevertheless find galleries with which to work, an/or suitable substitutes. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for any video tools. The program’s promo tools page contains similarly defunct links to hosted and flash videos, but are not available elsewhere.

We’re not altogether crazy about having to go scrounging around a program in order to find promotional materials on our own, and even less thrilled about LA PLAYA CASH’s apparent lack of support. The long hiatus prior to the recent updates also gives us some cause for trepidation. Still, the sites are attractive and it is a CCBill program, so affiliates promoting the Latina niche may nevertheless find the LA PLAYA CASH program’s content of suitable quality to fit their need.

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