LustCash Adult Affiliate Program LustCash is an exciting new adult affiliate program in the webcam niche. We say exciting, because they have chosen to try something new. We like new. In a lot of ways LustCash is similar to most other webcam program, with the major exception being that the shows are not streamed in the user’s browsers but rather via Skype. That may not sound like much of a difference, but when you think about it, it’s actually pretty significant. If you’ve ever browsed a cam site, we’re sure you have seen your fair share of empty chairs, models drifting off out of boredom, and of course the models chastising the users to pony up if they want to see the goods. By using Skype, you can’t just ‘drop in’ on a stream, so all of those turn-offs and resource-wasters are eliminated. [Review updated 01/22/2021]

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About the LustCash Program

  • Payment Structure: 10% RevShare
  • Payment Schedule: Monthly
  • Payment Methods: ACH, Bitcoin, SEPA, Paxum
  • Payment Minimum: $100

Program Features

  • Sites: 1CamLust
  • Hosted Galleries: NO
  • Type of Content: Pics and Videos – Streaming via Skype
  • Exclusive Content: YES
  • Updates: YES
  • RSS Feeds: NO
  • Morphing Feeds: NO
  • Tube Clips: NO
  • Mobile: YES
  • Content and Hosting: NO
  • Hosted TGP/MGP: NO
  • Hosted POTD/VOTD: NO
  • Trials: FREE to register
  • Cross Sales: None


Before going further, we should talk a bit about the signup process. New affiliates will first need to fill out a VERY brief signup application: name, Skype, email, and password. We don’t use Skype, so perhaps that delayed our application a bit, but we got an email a short time later asking about how they could contact us. After a brief email exchange, we got our confirmation email several days later. Basically, there are several takeaways here: 1)It is super easy to get that affiliate application ball rolling, 2)Skype isn’t absolutely necessary for affiliates, and 3)Applications are manually approved so it may take a few days. Once you get that approval, you’re all set to login, update your payment and personal info, and start promoting.

As far as promotion goes, there are not a whole lot of tools to start with, but really that’s on par with most other webcam programs. There are banners and link builders for general site linking or to link to a particular model, and under ‘Model Profiles’ there is also the option to create those iframe online model widgets that are popular tools for cams. On site, you can browse the model profiles where you will find lots of high quality images, an indication of what their shows will include, and usually some good profile text if you need a prompt. Here’s an example of one that caught our eye; we really are are suckers for girls with short hair. We would also like to add that they are working on some additional sites and tools, which we will hopefully be adding to this review in the very near future.

Affiliates in the webcam niche who are looking for something new are strongly encouraged to check out the LustCash adult affiliate program. The user experience is going to be considerably different, but we see it as a means of sifting through the surfers in order to get to the buyers.

Join the LustCash Adult Affiliate Program

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