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Naughty Revenue Adult Affiliate Program The Naughty Revenue adult affiliate program is probably best known for their flagship site, Naughty America. This long-running program specializes in quality niche sites offering HD videos which often get re-packaged as DVDs. As such, although the content is created in-house, it is not entirely exclusive as other programs may purchase licensing and re-distribute, however members of the Naughty Revenue sites will see it here first. While all of the videos are HD, the photos are sharp and clear but not quite high resolution. It should be noted that not all of the sites have promotional galleries available, though link codes are provided to link directly to scene pages within the Naughty America site that essentially serve the same purpose. [Review updated 08/23/2022]

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About the Naughty Revenue Program

Payment Structure: 30% RevShare, $14-20 PPS
Payment Schedule: Biweekly
Payment Methods: Check, PayPal, Wire
Payment Minimum: $100

Program Features

Sites: 62Hover here to view them.
Hosted Galleries: YES
Type of Content: Pics and HD Videos – Flash, MP4, MPEG, and WMV.
Exclusive Content: YES
Updates: YES
RSS Feeds: YES
Morphing Feeds: NO
Tube Clips: YES
Mobile: YES
Content and Hosting: Content YES, hosting NO.
Hosted TGP/MGP: NO
Trials: $1.95 / 3 days
Cross Sales: 1, pre-checked


Existing affiliates should note that Naughty Revenue has recently raised their PPS option to $20, and reintroduced RevShare at 30% for Naughty America.

While the Naughty Revenue sites that have galleries do update and have corresponding RSS feeds for those updates, the feeds are not what might be considered ‘blog style’ with decent sized photos and rich in text. What are offered instead are the latest updates in table form with thumbs, links, brief descriptions and content type details. While these feed entries are useful to affiliates for grabbing the latest galleries in the content type of their preference, additional effort is required to make them fully useful. The upshot to these feeds are that ‘sploggers’ (spam bloggers who create RSS fed blogs with little to no original content) will get little benefit from them, thus keeping the content fairly fresh to those affiliates willing to put in the effort to create their own custom copy. Although the Naughty America scene pages might be used as a substitute for galleries for those sites that have none provided, Naughty America and the rest of the sites do contain canonical linking so some consideration should be given to how affiliates link to those pages.

While some things could certainly be improved upon – not least of which is the addition of promotional galleries for those sites without them, Naughty Revenue is still a decent adult affiliate program – at least in terms of ease of promotion. Getting paid is a whole other story. The galleries that are provided have unique titles and text scene descriptions which makes writing your own copy a snap.

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