PlugRush Adult Affiliate Program PlugRush is not your typical adult affiliate program, but rather an advertising platform for affiliates and site owners to buy, sell, and/or trade their adult traffic. Whether you are a site owner looking to purchase targeted traffic, or an affiliate merely looking for a secondary means to monetize all or just part of your adult traffic, PlugRush makes it very easy to do either, or both, in a matter of minutes. Essentially, affiliates can create customizable ad widgets and serve them on their adult sites. These widgets, when clicked, credit the referring affiliate with either a sale or a trade, depending on the preferences specified in the widgets creation. The ad widgets are further customizable by allowing affiliates to pop pop-under ads and/or to automatically redirect visitors using mobile devices or ad-block browser plugins, all of which are treated as immediate traffic transactions, requiring no other action on the part of the end-user for the referring affiliate to be credited. [Review updated 05/26/2020]

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About the PlugRush Program

Payment Structure: Variable (bid based) PPC and PPI
Payment Schedule: Weekly
Payment Methods: Paxum, PayPal, WebMoney, and Wire.
Payment Minimum: $25

Program Features

Since PlugRush is not an adult affiliate program in the typical sense, we have decided to forgo the typical listing of tools and features as they are largely absent.


We have already reviewed several such programs, but although PlugRush is arguably the most well known and established in the field, we procrastinated in testing their services – mainly due to there being no solid indication of the payout structure on the program tour. Well, we finally bit the bullet and tested them out on an automated gallery blog we set up fairly recently, primarily for our own use to track RSS updates. Despite the splog having only cursory customization, our immediate results have been entirely promising.

Signing up to the PlugRush program is super easy, and the same, for both ‘Advertisers’ – those wishing to purchase targeted traffic, and ‘Publishers’ – affiliates wishing to sell and/or trade their targeted traffic. Interested parties need only provide their email, chosen username and password, and enter a captcha to get started. Once you have confirmed your email and updated your account information, you’re all set. It should be noted, however, that before ‘Publisher’ affiliates can generate the ad widgets required to sell or trade traffic they will first need to confirm ownership of the website used to serve said ads. This is accomplished by either inserting a meta code key string into their site, or alternatively uploading a txt file into their site’s root directory. The end result being that only legitimate affiliates managing their own sites have the means to create and serve ad widgets. A word of caution though: if you manage multiple sites serving ad widgets, make sure each ad is used with the appropriate site it was created for to ensure you are properly credited with the traffic you are sending.

Although we just started testing the PlugRush program, we are already supremely confident that they will live up to their reputation. In our opinion, just about every affiliate operating their own site should be taking advantage of what the PlugRush program has to offer in one capacity or another!

Join the PlugRush Adult Affiliate Program

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