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Traffic Holder Adult Affiliate ProgramThe Traffic Holder program has closed without notice. Recently they had posted on their site that increased ID verification was required for publishers, and put a very limited time-frame for publishers to provide that information.

Traffic Holder is not an adult affiliate program in the classical sense, but rather an advertising platform for webmasters to buy and sell traffic. It is worth noting that this program is not limited to the buying and selling of adult traffic alone but also provides the same services for non-adult sites, which would be advantageous to those webmasters with a diversified portfolio of sites. It also bears mentioning that the folks of Traffic Holder are only interested in brokering traffic for quality sites – which is two-fold. Sites selling traffic will be vetted to insure that their traffic is legitimate and of sufficient quality, and the sites that traffic is brokered to are clean. That’s the theory anyway – we checked a couple of the sites in the buyers area and experienced pop-ups although the terms expressly state that that is verboten.

About the Traffic Holder Program

Payment Structure: Variable (bid based) PPC
Payment Schedule: NA
Payment Methods: BitCoin, eCoin, Epese, Paxum, Payoneer, PayPal, Webmoney, Wire
Payment Minimum: NA

Program Features

Because Traffic Holder is not an adult affiliate program in the classical sense, we have decided to forgo the listing of typical affiliate tools and features as they are largely absent.


As mentioned, the Traffic Holder program appears mainly geared for experienced webmasters. As such, not much is provided to affiliates to assist in their promotion other than the links for which to send their traffic. In other words, they expect affiliates to already be knowledgeable in how to best monetize their traffic, whether it be trade-scripts, blind links, htaccess redirects, etc. Affiliates should familiarize themselves with the terms regarding the sites from which they will accept traffic. It should go without saying that traffic from sites with illegal content will not be accepted. Additionally, they will not accept traffic from 404s, popups, or free-hosted sites. We put that last bit in bold because we suspect those avenues will be the first that many affiliates might consider.

Undoubtedly, Traffic Holder is especially popular with those interested in buying traffic for specific niches, types, or countries of origin, as the program makes such specifications rather easy. Similarly, sellers can generate custom links for traffic fitting specific niches and thereby earn more by thus being more targeted.

Although Traffic Holder is one of the best program for those looking to buy traffic, those looking to sell traffic are largely left to their own devices. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though it will likely prove problematic to novice and/or inexperienced webmasters. To them, we would recommend building your traffic base before attempting to monetize it. Once you have good traffic and understand what converts you will be in a far better position to sell that which doesn’t.

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