WhaleCash Adult Affiliate Program WhaleCash is an adult affiliate program with a rather large collection of what we call ‘faux tube’ sites. By ‘faux tube’ we mean that while the sites give every outward appearance of being tube sites, but when users click a thumbnail to go to the expected free video, they are instead prompted to join in order to see said content. Though the overwhelming majority of these WhaleCash sites are devoted to niche toon content, three are several exceptions falling into the celebrity, dating, extreme penetration, gay, and girlfriend niches. All of these sites, however, offer free (trial) signups to the users, and pay affiliates $25 per signup.

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About the WhaleCash Program

Payment Structure: $25 PPS
Payment Schedule: Weekly
Payment Methods: Check, Paxum, Wire
Payment Minimum: $50

Program Features

Sites: 71Hover here to view them.
Hosted Galleries: YES
Type of Content: Pics and Videos
Exclusive Content: NO
Updates: ???
RSS Feeds: NO
Morphing Feeds: NO
Tube Clips: NO
Content and Hosting: NO
Hosted TGP/MGP: NO
Trials: FREE to Register
Cross Sales: 1-2, pre-checked.


Affiliates will not find too much in the way of promotional content for the WhaleCash sites, unfortunately. With a single exception, every site comes with a decent selection of banners. Far fewer of those sites, however, offer free hosted galleries – perfect for TGP owners – though there are some. It is worth noting that some of those banner images will likely seem familiar, as they appear regularly on the more popular tube sites and ad broker widgets.

While some webmasters are not fond of these types of ‘Free Lifetime’ sites and their prevalent use of cross-sales, we subscribe to the Caveat emptor – let the buyer beware – school of thought. If the user were billed for things without their permission, express or otherwise, that would be one thing, but when the terms are clearly laid out as to the length of the trial period and other ancillary subscriptions, then we feel the fault rests entirely with them for not taking the time to read the terms to fully understand what they were agreeing to before submitting their credit card information.

Another bit of Latin comes to mind: Caveat venditor – let the seller beware. Affiliates may want to exercise caution in precisely how they promote some of the WhaleCash toon content. A sizable portion of the content parodies that of a sizable and very litigious company. While there is some protection afforded as parody, we would just as soon avoid any confrontation of that sort whatsoever. Just because the law is on your side does not mean that the big D couldn’t make things rather difficult for you.

As mentioned, you’ve probably already seen the WhaleCash sites extensively advertised on tube sites and ad broker widgets. Why? It converts. As a content program, it falls rather short, but if you’re looking to advertise some ad spots you might want to check them out.

Join the WhaleCash Adult Affiliate Program

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