BimboCash Adult Affiliate Program Although it LOOKS like BimboCash is still operational, all affiliate links get redirected to Porn CZ Mania – a site for a different affiliate program using a new CCBill webmaster account (CzechProfits 950692-0000). Affiliates who wish to continue promoting the BimboCash program will need to join the new program and change their links in order to be credited for sales.

BimboCash has come a long way since we first reviewed them a little over a year ago. Although a program by the name of BimboCash has been around for over a decade (originally, it was a pay-per-click scheme), it now appears to be operated by the same folks as BCASH4YOU, who launched the program’s first membership site, Fuck Or Fired, an exclusive content site devoted to the office sex niche. Since then, they have continued to periodically release additional sites, which would likely best be described as being centered around the Euro (Czech) and Teen niches, with some overlap into other niches as well.

About the BimboCash Program

Payment Structure: 50% RevShare
Payment Schedule: Weekly
Payment Methods: CCBill
Payment Minimum: $25 (CCBill)

Program Features

Sites: 14Hover here to view them.
Hosted Galleries: YES
Type of Content: High Res Pics and HD Videos – Flash and MP4.
Exclusive Content: YES
Updates: YES
RSS Feeds: NO
Morphing Feeds: NO
Tube Clips: NO
Mobile: NO
Content and Hosting: NO
Hosted TGP/MGP: NO
Trials: NO
Cross Sales: None


At present, affiliates of the BimboCash program will find a limited number of tools to promote each of the program’s exclusive content sites. Namely we are referring to their hosted galleries, which affiliates will find in addition to the selection of obligatory links and banners. However, those galleries are very attractive and contain many of the features we typically look for in program’s promotional galleries such as good unique text scene descriptions.

It is interesting to note that when we first reviewed the BimboCash program, there were tube clips available for promotion. And not just any tube clips, but lengthy full scene videos – which we noted at the time as possibly being a marketing ploy to generate initial interest in the program and their flagship site and not a viable long-term strategy. It looks as if we were correct, as tube clips are no longer available. It would be nice to see them move to a middle ground, but sadly that is not the case at present.

Unfortunately we should also mention that we are not particularly thrilled that a CCBill program’s default payment option is Epoch. Granted, there may be a perfectly valid reason they have chosen to use that biller as their primary, but since affiliates are paid directly by CCBill this rather undoes one of the chief reasons affiliates typically opt for promoting CCBill programs. Incidentally, the BCASH4YOU sites also use Epoch as their primary biller, despite otherwise being a CCBill program as well.

BimboCash’s new sites look great, and we’re thrilled to see that the program is being actively developed. Now if those developments are extended to more promotional tools, we would be ecstatic. Well, maybe not ecstatic exactly, but pretty darn happy.

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