NERDPROFiTS Adult Affiliate Program Allegations of non-payment; shortly thereafter the NERDPROFiTS adult affiliate program and it’s sites went offline. After the first iteration of the program closed for what we will politely call a misunderstanding of acceptable professional conduct, they re-launched the program with two new sites. Shortly thereafter there were accusations of non-payment on a popular webmaster forum. We sent them a message advising them to address the allegations to preserve what little reputation they had left. Within 24 hours the program and it’s sites were offline, with still no defense being offered. Everybody deserves a chance, and sometimes even a second chance, but the NERDPROFiTS adult affiliate program has botched them both. Should this program eventually resurrect itself yet again, affiliates are strongly advised to heed what other experienced adult webmasters are saying before even considering giving them another chance.

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