MiamiCash Adult Affiliate Program We signed up for the MiamiCash adult affiliate program shortly after their launch. Although we never got a confirmation email informing us of acceptance into the program, the promo emails soon started arriving. Unfortunately, the programs log in does not make clear what credentials are being asked for in which field, and despite various combinations we have never been able to log in. At this point, we learned that the reset password form does not work. Obviously, we then tried to contact them. Unfortunately, the contact forms all appear broken or otherwise nonoperational, and emails sent to the address the promo emails arrive from as well as the contact email listed in their signature on a popular adult forum all go unanswered. Nevertheless, the promo emails keep coming.

We aren’t entirely sure what to think about this program. It almost seems as if they want people who sign up to blindly promote their sites without being able to actually confirm they are credited with any sales. Unless you like clutter in your inbox, we would suggest avoiding the MiamiCash program, at least until they get their shit together.


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