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Octopus Cash Adult Affiliate Program The Octopus Cash adult affiliate program is now closed. Apparently they did not deem to email all of their affiliates, but after seeing a thread on a popular webmaster forum we messaged them about their reported closure and received the following response:

“Dear Affiliate,

“We regret to inform you that after 6 successful years, Octopus Cash’s affiliate program is closing its doors. We want to thank you for the continued support over the years, however, we would ask you to pull your links.

“There will be no more payments. We are now out of business.

“We sincerely appreciate your affiliation over the years and wish you nothing but success in your future endeavors.

“Best regards,
“Support OctopusCash.com”

Note that at no point do they say they are closing their sites, just that they are closing the affiliate program and affiliates will not be paid.

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