Sextronix Adult Affiliate Program The owner of Sextronix abruptly closed the program without notice or explanation. Outstanding balances were NOT paid to affiliates.

The high quality sites and abundance of promotional tools easily makes Sextronix one of the best adult affiliate programs around today! This program has just about everything an affiliate could possibly ask for from an adult sponsor – from a large selection of quality sites covering a wide range of niches to mobile responsive tours, Sextronix has got you covered. Best of all, they have a solid reputation for fair dealings with affiliates – in fact, we have never heard of a single complaint against them. This is one adult affiliate program that has near universal appeal, and we hardily recommend to just about every affiliate looking for a trusted sponsor. [Review updated 07/11/2019]

About the Sextronix Program

  • Payment Structure: 70% RevShare, $40-50 PPS
  • Payment Schedule: Weekly
  • Payment Methods: Paxum, PayPal, Wire
  • Payment Minimum: $100

Program Features

  • Sites: 108Hover here to view them.
  • Hosted Galleries: NO
  • Type of Content: High Res Pics and HD Videos – Flash, MP4, and WMV.
  • Exclusive Content: YES
  • Updates: YES
  • RSS Feeds: NO*
  • Morphing Feeds: NO
  • Tube Clips: YES
  • Mobile: Responsive
  • Content and Hosting: NO
  • Hosted TGP/MGP: YES
  • Hosted POTD/VOTD: NO
  • Trials: FREE and $1 trial options.
  • Cross Sales: None


The Sextronix adult affiliate program has recently gone through a major revision. Basically, they dropped several of their sister programs and incorporated some of those sites into Sextronix. Mainly we’re talking sites in the gay and toon niches. Unfortunately, most of the promotional tools – including their hosted galleries – appear to have been done away with, though tube clips remain and continue to be updated. *Although there are no longer any RSS feeds expressly for affiliate promotion, since the Sextronix program now uses NATS, it’s a simple matter to enable adtool feeds in order to access those tube clip updates via RSS. All of the sites have similarly been updated and look great – and best of all, they have had their canonical link attributes removed.

In the past, once affiliates had sent a few sales, they could request a free hosting account. This was not your typical free hosting either, where you were given FTP access to host your own galleries – though you could do that too, if you wished. Rather, the server was already tricked out with all the bells and whistles for affiliates to host their own blogs, link lists, even custom tube sites. The folks at Sextronix would even set it up for you, complete with a custom skin! You may have noticed that we are using the past tense here; With the recent changes to the Sextronix program, we no longer see any mention of this feature. If it is something you may be interested in, we would suggest dropping them a line and seeing what they might do for you.

If you are an affiliate looking for a trusted adult program with loads of sites in nearly every niche imaginable, then you really cannot go wrong with Sextronix. However, these days they are a little light in terms of diversity of available promotional tools for their affiliates.

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