VirtualRealCash Adult Affiliate Program VirtualRealCash is an adult affiliate program that specializes in high quality niche VR porn content. The program currently has seven (7) sites available for affiliate promotion, including sites devoted to amateur, Asian (specifically Japanese), gay, and trans VR niche content. We assume most folks reading this are familiar with the concept of VR porn: basically it’s high-tech POV from the perspective of the guy in the scene. Usually. One of VirtualRealCash’s sites – Virtual Real Passion – is VR porn from a female perspective, which we thought was a rather refreshing change of pace.

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About the VirtualRealCash Program

  • Payment Structure: 50% RevShare, €25 PPS
  • Payment Schedule: Biweekly
  • Payment Methods: Wire
  • Payment Minimum: €50

Program Features

  • Sites: 7Hover here to view them.
  • Hosted Galleries: NO
  • Type of Content: HD Videos – MP4 (Streaming)
  • Exclusive Content: YES
  • Updates: YES
  • RSS Feeds: YES*
  • Morphing Feeds: NO
  • Tube Clips: NO
  • Content and Hosting: NO
  • Hosted TGP/MGP: NO
  • Hosted POTD/VOTD: NO
  • Trials: $2.99 / 1 day
  • Cross Sales: 0-1, pre-checked.


While VirtualRealCash has some great looking high quality niche content – and the VR niche is only growing in popularity – there are still some shortcomings to be addressed. Primarily, affiliates will find the program is largely deficient in promotional tools provided expressly for affiliate promotion. From the program side, affiliates will find links – of course – and some banners, but that’s it. However, if affiliates head over to the sites they are interested in promoting, each site has an RSS link listed in the upper right corner that corresponds with a site-specific blog that is also linked to in the footer. Those RSS feed updates aren’t exactly what you would call frequent, and affiliates will need to add their own links if they want to incorporate them into their promotion, but it’s a place to start. Personally, we would prefer some choice to payment method than just wire, too, but at present that’s the only option.

We would also like to point out that the VirtualRealCash sites can be a much more immersive experience for users than simply watching/hearing the content through their headsets. Users can feel it, too! By pairing compatible devices via an app, users can experience the content in a way that is much more ‘virtually real.’ While the pairing of supplemental devices to porn is not a new or even particularly unique technology, it’s availability provides an additional angle for affiliate promotion.

As already mentioned, the VR niche as a whole is only growing in popularity. While there are already many VR sites and programs for affiliates to choose from, we believe that VirtualRealCash’s niche sites will prove more lucrative than many of their competitor’s. Though that may also mean affiliates will have to put in a bit of extra effort to reap those rewards. But isn’t that always the case?

Join the VirtualRealCash Adult Affiliate Program

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